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Cape Town Airport Taxis - Fares, Distances and Where to Find Them

Cape Town International Airport is located approximately 20 km, or 12 miles from the city center of Cape Town, in the country of South Africa. Cape Town is a magnificent city home to about three million inhabitants, and is famous for its position at the foot of Table Mountain. The airport offers exceptional service to all arriving and departing passengers, and is the second busiest in South Africa, handling approximately 10 million passengers per annum. Cape Town Airport is a large building with a variety of facilities as well as transport options. Taxis and shuttle bus services are a popular means of transport to hotels and residents, and a range of companies offering these services are available at the airport. Taxis are though quite an expensive form of transport.

Cape Town Airport consist of five terminals, each dedicated to arrivals or departures of either domestic or international flights. In hindsight of the FIFA Soccer World Cup hosted by South Africa, expansions and improvements were made to the airport buildings. The terminals handling domestic and international passengers were once separate, but are now connected by the new Central Terminal which has been built. This terminal is used for all check-in processes, and houses the airport’s 120 check-in desks. Passengers will first merge in this large terminal before heading for their relevant domestic or international departure lounges.

Passengers arriving at Cape Town Airport will find an authorized taxi company in operation from the Transport Plaza area of the airport building. This company is known as Touch Down Taxis, and can be contacted at +27 (0)21 919 4659. At Cape Town Airport, passengers are only recommended to make use of this taxi company, as they are the only company authorized to transport passengers to and from the airport. However, there are plenty of other private taxi drivers who are looking for business at the airport. Although their services may be adequate, official complaints cannot be made against these companies with airport authorities should you experience unprofessional service. Therefore, it is best to simply use the official Cape Town Airport taxis.

A taxi trip to Cape Town’s city center will take about twenty minutes. Travelling time does largely depend on traffic conditions, as during rush hours in the morning and afternoons traffic can be heavily congested on the main roads. At other times of the day or night, traffic is quite manageable. The cost for this journey will be between R150 and R220. Taxis from the airport, and in Cape Town, operate on a metered system. This means that the taxi will have a device called a meter installed, and this will record the length of the journey traveled. Taxi fares are then calculated accordingly. The average price per kilometer is between R8 and R10, but may vary depending on the length of your trip. Additional charges may also be applicable should you use a taxi later at night. Taxis can cost up to 50% more when used later in the evening, during the night and early hours of the morning. There may be charges for over four passengers using the taxi, and for luggage loaded. It is always advised for passengers to confirm these prices and the price of the journey with the driver before leaving the airport. Taxi fares may also be negotiated to a set price rather than a metered price, in particular if you are travelling to a further destination.

From the city of Cape Town, passengers who need to travel by taxi to the airport should call Touch Down Taxis to make a reservation. There are a few taxi ranks located at various popular public areas in the city, but it is generally best to call for one to come and collect you from your location. Taxis are not hailed from the streets of Cape Town.

Due to the fact that South Africa’s public transport system is not as adequate for continuous travel such as those found in Europe, most South Africans use their own vehicles for transport. Although there are certain buses and trains in Cape Town, by car is the most efficient way to reach most destinations, therefore taxi services are quite popular, even though they are more expensive. Tourists though, should not get confused between regular taxis and minibus taxis. Minibus taxis are mostly used by locals who don’t have any means of transport, and while they are effective ways of travelling the city, they are not recommended for tourists. The drivers can be quite reckless, and are mostly a frustration to local drivers as well. However, the exception is the Green Point – Sea Point – Clifton – Camps Bay route, which is frequently used by tourists.

At Cape Town International Airport, there are also various shuttle services available, offered by companies such as Noble Travel and Tours, City Hopper and Centurion Tours, and most hotels and guest houses provide complimentary shuttle services between their residence and the airport.

Travelling by taxi to or from Cape Town International Airport is very convenient, and the quickest way to reach your destination as well. The taxi drivers are usually quite friendly and helpful, and offer a safe and reliable form of transportation. Other taxis companies in Cape Town include Sainte Marie Taxis and Christo’s Car Service.